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Sometimes you know where you’re headed, or at least where you want to be. You know, from the start, you’re there standing at the beginning of everything, and somehow you know, you know where you belong, where you should be. But nothing flows in a straight, clean line. We get lost, confused, messed up, fucked up, broken. Sometimes we get so tangled in everything, people forget what the goal was, where they were going. Sometimes it just takes a lot longer tan you expected. But there you go, you’re lucky to actually have a destination. Must people are just wandering about. Must people don’t know. I know….I know…must things in life aren’t certain. Maybe nothing is certain, nothing ever stays the same way. And good things are the hardest to get. But it is worthy, if you really want it. I hope I’m strong enough. I hope I’ll be brave, I’ll be disciplined, I’ll be good enough. Someday I’ll look back, and everything will be clear. I hope.

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